To do list for celebrating new year 2019

By | June 4, 2018

Celebrating new year 2019 then below mention things will definitely help you in making it different from others.

Everyone of us wanted to celebrate new year in different way to make new year eve a memorable one, some of us on new year day try to make some resolution and even its a great way to do what we wanted to achieve or wanted to left behind bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol etc. So celebrate this new year with something that makes that day unique. Here are the list of things to do on new years 2019 eve to bring some positive energy within you.

1. Do some good for beggars around you.

celebrating new year 2019 special way

Instead of wasting your hard earn money in drinking and smoking bring some smiles on those faces around you who are striving for food and cloth’s. Its a great idea to buy some clothes and food for them to get their blessings.

2. Spend some of your precious time with specials ones.

celebrating new year 2019 with friends and family

Visit your parent’s or grand parent’s to celebrate new year with them. Buy some special gifts to make them feel special and to believe that they are still a part of your life.

3. Plan a tour

plan a tour for celebrating new year 2019

If you are really found of travelling so discover some new place to sooth yourself in turn positive energy. Don’t make it a solo trip try to include friends and family. That definitely needs a good amount of money but planning in a good way will make it happen.

4. Try something new on new year day

break your limit do something great while celebrating new year 2019

Push your boundaries, break your limits do what ever you wanted to do. Execute your plan from the day one of this new year you don’t need another best day for execution.

5. Do something for your self

shopping for celebrating new year 2019

Best thing is to do something for yourself, buy some good clothes, try something expensive, try to dine out in some good and famous restaurant. Don’t think of money right now this is the day which demands something you can do for yourself.

Wish you a very happy new year 2019.